Sunday, December 6, 2015


How can you hold it in when it wants to flow,
Does it shy away, does it get scared, or does it just not know!
It breathes in your breath, it beats in your heart
You can fake it, you can lie, ahh well, but if only it were not for your eyes!
I know, I know, I know and I can tell it all apart.
And yet it waits through the dark, for it knows someday the sun will rise...


The cynic's cynicism melts away at the slightest touch
The tunnel just doesn't seem to end, but hope won't worry too much
It's like the pinnacle from where everything can be seen
It is only patience that gets you there, for up there it has been

Would you know the secret that I am about to tell?
The magical wand, the crystal ball and hocus pocus and the enchanting spell.
It all layeth right before your eyes should you choose to see.
Feel it within, spread it around, for whatever I give shall always find it's way back to me! :)


I push my eyes even after five past midnight,
Just one more line and I think it will work alright.
I hit the save button and do one final check,
Alas! The code doesn't run, the error I've got to traceback.

I push away the laptop and lay back on the bed.
I remember the words I keep hearing - never enough said.
I push myself to stay awake a bit more.
I write a few more lines and this time I just know it to the core.

With what great effort those lines I wrote and yet they didn't do the trick!
And laying on my bed, these lines I write with ease and look!
How it created "the magic"!

 "Time and Tide"

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Are you with me?

Would you lie besides me on the grass?
Watch the time stand still just when you let it pass.
The open skies would never hear what the waves would never see.
Our little promise we make that day,
The world around us would never give away.

Would your eyes meet mine when I look across the floor?
Would you smile your shy smile when you let me in through your heart's door?
The band won't stop playing till we call it a night.
Do you know that, just for us, the world wants to gave a miss to the morning light?

Would you walk with me, walk with me to the distance?
For the timid Alaskan winter sun wouldn't be able to resist warming up to us;now that would be nature's mysterious treason!
The dazzle of our smiles would add glitter to the yellow of the Australian Gold Coast.
And how could we not pose when the Northern Lights flash on the Norwegian waters,our glasses raised to toast.

Would you give yourself to me, a little each day, for the rest of our lives?
Would your heart's strings feel a tug when I write these lines?
The world around us is waiting to see,
The day when you would be with me.

"Are you with me?"

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Right Here!!

Dear   ,

I finally write to you again!!! All this time I did come back every once a while to begin to write again, but life around found its expression sometimes in just my grateful sighs or in the amazed silence of my rather inquisitive mind at other times. And then there were times when I was just walking along on the bridge of monotony that lay between these two peaks. Words patiently awaited till this day, to ripe themselves fully to be able to offer in their own way - themselves!

You know, I eventually did board that train and met that friend. The months that passed on by while I awaited that trip made sure that it was all worth it. For the sun shone through the day not just up there but also in the warmth of laughter I shared with my friend. And finally as it splashed the skies with hues of all the seven colours while descending into the Arabian sea, it made yet another revelation. The grains of sand there stretched out to my either sides and were not confined to the mocking hour glass. And this my dear friend is still very little of all that I have seen there. I had been absolved of all that I had long sought to be free from and I awaited the new days ahead with excited anticipation.

Why excited anticipation you ask? I spent the next four months gathering all the essentials that I would need to fly off to the famed land of "beer, chocolates and waffles". How grateful can one be when what one sees in movies is ready to greet him for real at the end of his birthday week! Cliched alright, but I would rightly called it "The Divine Gift". Hereon began the journey of many journeys over the next six months that probably have changed me forever - for the good of course! Life around expanded itself beyond imagination to the world of possibilities. As did the horizon of my thoughts, my personality, and myself. Europe and all of its experiences that will forever be vividly remembered by my mind and heart alike, will always find me being grateful to all the wonderful people that I met there who made those experiences possible. When I finally came back home on Diwali day, ostensibly reliving the SRK moment from K3G as I landed, these words made me understand why I had been having the feeling of having left something behind when I boarded that flight:

"You will never be completely at home again because a part of your heart will be always be elsewhere. That's the price you pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place."

I have been here and been there - in dream and in reality. I did end up meeting some interesting people too after my return. And it feels great to finally be able to write to you about it all after such a long time.

What do I await next? The next post should tell! ;)


"And it's Patience again that speaks!"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Weekend

What if I’d boarded that train and had met that friend?
What if I’d never chosen to go there in the first place; never bothered to extend my hand?

What if everything turned out just as you had imagined it’d be?
What if, even after that, it still didn’t make you happy?

What if it’s right in front of you and you just let it pass by?
What if that “someday” comes in disguise – would you still recognize?

What if the days of this life were just random and nothing really ever happened for a reason?
What if there was no faith, no hope, no grace, no God – these words but mere illusion?

What if time was non-existent, and a moment elongated to infinity?
What if we had no memory, no ego, no intellect; what then would be our identity?

What if these “What Ifs” never crossed our minds?
And then again what if these “What Ifs” did cross our minds?

What if I’d gone to bed tonight and not written these lines?
What if you never pondered if at all it rhymes?

“Thank God for the Night…”

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I’d always been in denial of it, no more shall I lie.
These lines I speak are more than a mere outcry.
Looked up ahead always to what is to be,
But a part of me still craves for what has been.

The mirror rightly says, objects appear closer than they are.
Its only until you look back, you see that you’ve driven up ahead pretty far.

Miss those days of innocent smiles,
The world around was just a beautiful paradise.
The laughter, the careless abandon back in the days of yore.
Reveled in each moment, life embraced you each day when you walked out that door.
When the world of reality was just as virtuous as the books had portrayed.
The dreams would resonate the songs to which you had swayed.

Have never really cared about the miles I’ve run or the people I’ve outrun.
Neither the milestones achieved nor the plants that could’ve sprouted from the seeds.

But tonight I’ve pulled over and have walked back.
It calls out to me so I holler back.

I wish to go back to the days,
Back to the days when it had all began.
Or I just wish for the days ahead
To be the kinds I would want to go back to again.

I’m glad you came

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Or Green?

The light turned red giving me time to stop and look out through my window. I chuckled about the impervious luxury I enjoyed within my glass windows. The temperature inside was a cool 24 degrees on this May evening and my favourite tracks were lined up on the playlist – I really had nothing to complain about. I saw anguished, tired even fatigued and frustrated faces struggling to get their respective fair’s worth of foot-space with alert eyes scanning the slightest movement made by a comfortably seated co-passenger. They were all waiting impatiently – either to get off the god damned over crowded bus or to get the next available seat – whichever would come sooner. Horns blared around suddenly breaking my thoughts. I delicately released the clutch and I eased ahead. The sight of the bus in my rear view mirror and the thought of the people on it were almost instantly pushed back into oblivion. Two cars had already crossed over and as I passed the signal, it finally turned green.

The red lights put me to a halt once more. This time it was a huge glass building I saw to my left. The ten storied structure looked so alive; more so because each of its very well illuminated floors, with people’s fast-paced trots on each of them, were so clearly visible even from a distance. It stood out flamboyantly against lackluster backdrop of the dusk; so much so that it was almost wickedly inviting. I have always been intrigued by the sheer charm and beauty these modern-day architectural innovation, so to speak, possess. I feel that they unashamedly and yet very convincingly deceive an innocent curious onlooker. It’s a mere facade for the innumerable faceless people coming into that building day in and day out .The poor onlooker might never know that there’s more to it all than meets the eyes until he too gets to step into one of those flashy buildings. I knew what those fast-paced feet were running towards – either to get onto one of those buses or to get in the driving seats of their cars. And I chuckled again, this time for having raced past the bus and the two cars that had got ahead of me and also for the good fortune that at least for that day I wasn’t stuck in one of those glass buildings while the rest of the world seemed to be having a merry time heading home. The signal turned green again and I pushed off.

Just as I was about to change gears, I had to slow down and scornfully put the car to rest again at the red. The same bus lined up next to me as did the two cars I had raced past. This time I chuckled with a little resentment at the dawn of this tiny little realization. That unknown person in that glass building, the people aboard the bus along with its driver, the two cars that I noticed and the many others that I didn’t – we were all just dodging the red light to get past the next green one! The string puller above was probably mockingly laughing at this nonsensical race that we’d got ourselves into – inadvertently or out of choice.

Did I hit the red next or the green? Oh! What the Heck?! Does it really matter now?

“Where are you headed, by the way?”

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's in her eyes and she knows its true,
No one could ever make her feel, the way that you do.
Why then does she hide it and denies?
Why the resistance, why all the lies,
When he can see the truth speaking through her eyes?

He fears to admit it but he knows it too,
He doesn't want to live without her, he dreads the thought of having to.
It's beyond his naive mind to understand,
Why he felt so complete the day he had held her hand.
Why then does he not let it take control?
Why not give it a chance and let it flow?

Its incomprehensible, this power of love.
Maybe that is why its called the gift from up above?
Don't they just not want to see?
Them being together is just meant to be?

A ray of light is just all it takes,
To tell the real apart from all the fakes.
Its probably still dark, the dawn is yet to arrive,
Till then they must bear it, they must struggle to survive.

The darkest cloud also flees at sunrise,
The shining glow, upto then remains in disguise.
This serene morning they too would wake up to and see,
Then they'd realize that fairy-tales are for real - they just have to believe.

Years later when they'd look back and see,
They'd know it'd all happened for a reason; some call it destiny.
A new page gets written every night and day,
This book thus read tells us that life works out in mysterious ways.

"And so you know"